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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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please send unlimited shot to death inside the home. the consumer a lot of police officers so on scene appeared to have the wind doesn't block of atherton street started off. it is a tow truck there to the bid to take the car away. two people were shot to death inside the house last night about a quarter after nine. police that a number of calls about gunfire and a satellite no area. officers on foot when you're a man in 28 rural women dead from gunshot wounds. these are vallejos the teak and 14th homicide victims this year could please submit no less but there are reports that two men with what swatches receipt from running from the house. took a trip to the to
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take away a carpet were willing to speak to police officers. president obama's heading the campaign trail after accepting his nomination for reelection of the democratic national convention. the election four years ago wasn't about me it was about you. my fellow citizens you were the change. forced the ridership mid a bitter campaign appearance at the convention tree to a close. the club was on their feet as president obama to the stage to make it official. i accept your nomination for president of the other states. the selection is in just
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about and it's a choice. on every issue the choice you base won't just be between two kibitzer to produce it will be the choice between two different paths for america. have a surplus? try a tax cut. deficit to pry try another. most sonobuoy norton is a dead end general motors is alive. presence as the selection at the stowe about how a good if you should at home with me us you've tonight for your vote. you never quit and america
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and you deserve a president who will never quit on you. supporters know that the path to victory starts at the party base. with the ones that have to make happen. absolutely were stuck for the week is out. the 61 this left before election day tours president bus was and what it together to build an alice in republican presidential nominee also campaigned in new hampshire while running mate have run and a visit to nevada. the economist on expect much change though. the nation has about zero hundred 35,000 jobs last month the unemployment report will be unchanged at 8.3%. the password 245 points
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yesterday to its highest since december 2007. the defense came after the european central lake without this plan to support feeling countries. the first formal treaty has been held for chp officer killed in the line of duty on tuesday. officer kent mark young strum and of what should suffice if 2012. and the links the money for tinian young charms. officer young strong was shot in the gun show ahead tuesday morning. flags across the bay area are flying at half staff in his honor. some sentences the police officers are choosing to wear
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black dance across their badges as a sign of respect. several officers gun strums organs donated for lifesaving transplants. this officers sent potentially up to eight people. the officer had registered as an organ and tissue donor. officials chicken bridges and roads all across l.a. this morning. haven't found any seat in damage from the magnitude 3.5 with quick. the epicenter was in the beverly hills area. dozens of people what on bed usgs website. couple of clouds of sides
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did the mother was mostly clear skies. the gun a bit looks like it's going to be a very nice day. the dry weather today. a lot of tropical moisture is out of town. mostly sunny but this afternoon. 70 degrees in san jose 70 oakland 77 cisco and 62 in pacific up. supply before 5:00 this morning everything is for a nicely from hundred one a% of pier no. no. no one knew that to an exit. if the hands of someone
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else looks pretty good. it is another smooth ride so far across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. the drug tide of this early hour is 60 minutes between 2 and 38 in the base. over the biggest and traffic is so nice and light. and research by sea for two kids who were kidnapped by their father. the suspected getaway vehicle is stolen sailboat. the children's mother says the book may be heading to thailand or mexico. investigators tracked into and out of me that arena. the unwished yacht was last seen wednesday near vallejo production happen on tuesday.
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the children's grandmother is covered with bruises after she tried to stop him from doing that. i was running so fast that i lost my balance. steve kelly spent on federal agencies have been alluded to watch for christopher matthey. such a rescue teams are looking for the gun man from the fed to disappear from the banks of the sacramento river over the weekend. he was glass and had to impeach your chico. france and a bit over highway 24 on lafayette to publicize the case your love people are following this story on month. within 24 hours of the 35,000 to 40,000 people were on the base will page. his parents contacted
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authorities on monday because the bill to return home. a third camera has died from the anti virus outbreak of the seventh national park. the victim as the the park in june. officials have expanded the morning to those who stayed in the deli at of the high sierra camps since june 1st. as many as 22 dozen people may have been exposed to the disease. it of northern california wild fires is now offering 23 homes and collusive county. the farce about and more than 9,700 a.. the father says while homes are in some danger to forget is not as severe because crews recently cleared a lot of brush from the community is a lot of clips of this committee in the homes.
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the fighters are now about 20 percent contained that's according to in the chronicle investigation. this comes on the heels of a federal audit of the huge fire last month that destroyed part of the refinery. but it sure that the number of tests follow below federal standards. a good mood which district is expected to have a policy on advertising on buses and ferries. union recently had complaints about political ads on some buses and seven cisco. in richmond and is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to the gang rape of a 16 year- old girl. the 22 year-old is one of six suspects in the 2009 attack that happened outside a rich and high-school dance. the
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case against the other five vendors are so bored through the legal process proof that a glass of red wine is good for your health. there's always a catch though. a good friend or a terrible idea to haiti poses as a police officer saw his friend can steal
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before to is accused of posing as a police officer so his friend could steal. he has a badge and gun. the other one shoplifted some trading cards. the 17th earl said he was a police officer and the rest of his friend wrote the two teams were arrested and the team's visit of felony charges of impersonating a police officer. we have a couple of patches
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of fog that there. otherwise we are looking good this morning. a little cooling parts of the north bay. a lot of fifties outside. are going to clear the skies to mostly sunny this afternoon. upper 80s in lint and a lot of sun and such debate. a little cool though as we head into the second half of the weekend. the loews could start to drop an end to influence our weather. but such as would be hot in houston with a list of the skies. it's thunderstorms in the chicago area. around the
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bases sunshine this afternoon's 78 and the senator's a 76 in palo alto and of 72 in hayward. 81 degrees in the napa valley. pick these up towards the coast line. sixties towards separates the scope and upper 70's and santa rosa. the ridge of high pressure builds back up tuesday and wednesday. if you doing any traveling up in the one country this weekend since expect some with long delays. that's from chp didn't dissipating work on the so much well liked at oakville crossroad. the critics sent into monday and tuesday of next week.
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as a pass to and coliseum and the major black rights all the way towards downtown. all of the bridges are a problem for so far this morning. mass-transit off to a good start no delays. could hit all sued up inspecting an apache helicopter. this is in southern afghanistan. prince which has been deployed as part of his combat duties. his tour of duty will last for months. he is third in line to the british throne. someone called in a thread yesterday before u.s. airways flight out of philadelphia. the caller said the woman's axle ever was on how the plane arms
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was little explosives but it's what team to come off the flight would at gunpoint. eventually figured out a whole thing was a hoax. the export trend and the printer make it, face federal charges. the navy seal foundation says it will not accept donations from the sales of no easy day. the book's author writing of the pseudonym mark promised to donate most of the profits. it will not accept donations generated from a sacramento county judge will hear arguments about whether he violated state law. the next governor o the governor reduced down to
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seven years. an issue here is with the governor brought a lot by not notifying the victim's family. protesters are threatening to or cut a senator's a way supermarket chain. history they demonstrated outside of the stored. they're upset because the pueblo has begun checking the legal status of its newly- hired workers. the decision has with us been heavily because we understand as a lot of criticism of the eve of the five programs here we actually agree with those criticisms. the something we to ask to duty as a recommendation from the part of all my security. problem has the 300 workers and stores from plenum to salinas. and might be going after
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pandora for digital music market. apple is in talks with the companies over a bit of service cuts were where similar to pandora. services not likely to begin know for several months. amazon is ready get a jump on the holiday selling season. the company unveiled four new and old computer tablets. the launch comes less than a week before apple is expected to unveil the next by phone. the rush is on. you consider a lot of money by shopping on- line in the next eight days. california lawmakers put pressure on the amazon until it agreed to collect taxes. amazon plans to use start charging the
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tax on september 15th. a new study suggests hospitals may be giving up too easily when trying to resuscitate a party that patients. the study financed by the american hospital association of the more than 66,000 patients who had courted arrest at 435 different u.s. non-alcoholic red wine may help the war brought brought pressure for older men and higher risk for heart disease. the study suggested that there was something in red wine but not the actual alcohol. which was helping to lower blood pressure. the nonalcoholic wine we'd drinkers also had higher levels of nitric oxide couldn't
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molecule that other studies have linked to lower blood pressure. leon the was one of the be amazed at of the year before the hit the also had run the closing ceremonies for the london olympic games could other winners included to make an emotional pledge allegiance by a special guest at the dnc. ahead on the elements of bit of recording the proposal. what possibly could go wrong. and
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what pretty and a little loose. what's inspiring her up against and what you might be able to relate.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hi art and wine festival. about these sunny skies. about 72 degrees if you want to chat about good is a live look at the golden gate bridge but i just saw some link instructs that pass by. the december to the additional delay on either bit is back to school time of
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course. when mom is celebrating with a touchdown like this the street as a provincial his mom is from massachusetts bit of the opera dancer on a school bus stop as gun battle. her to the problem does about it. it to the trunk this with the summer last year left them glass and michael jackson's appeal appeared with sudden of a picture-perfect proposal for the michigan couple who like to be telling for years. the proposal is different on
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lake huron and analysis control of the paddle boat hit the coast of responded to the 911 call and tell them that a short period the new fiancee kept playing the romance car. it was written as we up to see the sun said the sky was beautiful. there was just like a plan to pitch as of yet right. not your typical data with nicole. kidnappers on this girl in sailboat. confided up president obama's except as spreads party's nomination appeared the an implicit in this in a
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double homicide appeared what,, ,,,,,,
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the crisp northern air of acadia, the falling leaves. the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. when i smell that, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection from air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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to do are dead following a shooting in vallejo. we're not living who is also inside the home when the boat boats flew pigeons vote i accept your nomination for president of the nomination. why voters should choose obama in november. this is our and get busy on this friday morning. we have an update on som


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